Sunday, May 3, 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

So I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron last night and thought about writing a review right when I came home from it, but decided against it. Do you want to know why? The movie was not dark enough for me to really bother. What are the lasting consequences? What was really accomplished in the end? People bash Man of Steel for the amount of destruction and death it caused, but are you really telling me the Hulk killed no one during Cape Town and that the Avengers saved everybody in Sokovia. They blew up the freaking capital city of a country! There has to be reprecussions which they do not show! Just because they had a few scenes of citizenry evacuation does not forgive that! How many people are now homeless!

Look, you can call me bitter or a DC Fanboy or whatnot complaining about those things. Honestly, though. I don't really care. I was just trying to make a point. If this was a DC film, Marvel fans would be bitching about that exact thing.

This film was not amazing, though, it was great, but not amazing. First let me talk about the twins, Wanda Maximoff is literally the most cheesy character since Halle Berry's Catwoman. First she's evil, then she sees a vision of the future and turns against Ultron and joins the fight, then she chickens out, but saves Hawkeye in a blaze of glory, then she gets extremely sad when Pietro dies (even though she should not have been able to see him) and then she rips out Ultron's "heart" in an extremely dramatic fashion. What the fuck? Thankfully for every horrible character, there is a far better one. Paul Bettany plays the Vision and does a great job of it. The makeup is on point and his transition from JARVIS to Vision is great and he shows an innocence that we don't see in superhero films often. This is not a character focused on destruction, but rather a character focused on the beauty of life. Paul Bettany is not monotone in his portrayal, it may seem so at times, but rather he is quiet and full of hope.

Then there is Baron (Dr.?) Wolfgang von Strucker, who is the big bad leader of Hydra. He just gives himself up and is killed by Ultron in a prison cell. Way to waste what could have been a great villain guys! Thankfully we have an awesome villain in Ultron, who is scary, intimidating and overall just a freak. Spader's voice gives Ultron life where there is none and although I'm a bit iffy on the science behind Ultron, who cares. The character was awesome!

The worst part of the movie? The transitions. Look, I get it. This film was supposed to be over three and a half hours long, but Joss Whedon, when you are not Peter Jackson, don't make movies longer than they should be and expect yourself to be able to seamlessly put a flick with an appropriate time length together. I mean, we have the Hydra battle sequence and then Scarlet Witch puts a vision into Tony Stark's mind. Then we show the twins smiling, then in one second Tony does something and then the music amps up and all of a sudden it's the title card? The soundtrack I didn't care for much at all and I think the best performance acting came from Jeremy Renner. Although given that he is the best actor there, not a surprise.

6/10, why? It had a lot of problems, as good as it was.

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