Friday, May 22, 2015

Jimmy - Mesozoica

Okay, so I just got a huge surge of views from the forum of Prehistoric Kingdom, where it appears Yafisz Khan has been active doing some digging of his own. Again, I did not put him up to that. Yafisz is not involved with Mesozoica whatsoever. it is likely this story just intrigued him and he wanted to find out for himself. He is a journalist, much like me. Unlike me, though, he actually gets paid, consistently (I'm not consistent), for his journalism. I'm not going to reprimand him for doing this. I have no doubt that he may have not wanted to agitate me by asking, but I will not reprimand him (after all, he gets most of you to read this blog anyways).

So I looked back through Slack, and the messages and it appears that the Slack-post that Jimmy has linked was something that Jonny actually screenshot beforehand. Now, look, Max admits everything to being his fault. He has said so over and over again. Jonny has admitted that Max is genuine in making this game. Yet the fact of the matter is, this split happened because Jonny and Max came to a disagreement and agreed to part ways. Now about Jimmy, you can see his goodbye post. There is a reason it was taken down, as with most of Jonny's posts. Say you were working for a company and an ex-worker came in and started talking trash about your company to everybody who still worked there. That is how it felt. I actually took down most of Jonny's posts and locked threads, not Max, me. Again, I would have handled this differently and maybe if I had taken the more vocal role in development I maybe could have stopped this. If I was home and logged on to Slack, I maybe could have stopped this. The truth is, though, the forum was hacked. That is all right, not a very difficult thing to do. Max's bank account was compromised. That is crossing the line. Did Jimmy do it? No. Somebody who was angry at what happened to Jimmy decided to enact their own twisted vigilante justice. I can't blame Max for accrediting that for happening because of the fallout with what occurred between he and Jimmy, but I will say that I still have access to the forum: Max did not blame Jimmy. Viktor van der Bergh, I'm sorry if you have gotten blocked on Facebook. I don't know who out of Underdog Interactive has access to the Facebook and I apologize if you have been blocked. Max got his bank account compromised, I cannot blame him for being agitated and wanted to move on from this entire scenario.

You wanted this put in perspective? On May 15th at 1:45 PM, Max posted his announcement. On May 16th, at 12:55 AM, Jonny responded and at 1:24 AM, Jimmy gave his two cents on the announcement. Then at 6:12 AM, Jimmy answered a question to Nick, our soundtrack artist. At 6:34 AM, Jimmy posted a third and final time. From 8:48 AM till 9:31 AM, Jonny and Max had a discussion in which Jonny and Mak agreed to leave the project. They left the project of their own accord. Again, what happened with Jimmy is unfortunate and I would have handled it differently. I'm simply putting it in perspective for you guys so you know how it all happened. I had to wrap it around my head as well for a while. I'm not saying anything more than I need to. I can say anything I want, this is my blog, unconnected to Mesozoica aside from promoting it. I'm not scared of getting kicked out by the project or anything, because the truth is, if I am fired, it will be for the better of the project and I would hope that my work would still get used. That is how much I believe in this project. I don't need to because you all know the story, my two posts on it, though, are the most accurate stories you will find. Yes, more accurate than Jimmy's and more accurate than Jonny's because I can still see everything, because I still believe in this project and no matter what is said about it, I will continue to believe in this project. I will not be posting about this situation again, if Yafisz does, then he does but I will not.

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