Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Holy Shit Dude!

My view of Leadbeater's "articles".

It seems like every time I come on to this blog nowadays is to bash on Alex Leadbeater. Well, this post is no different. So get ready to hear me bitching about a guy bitching about Man of Steel. We hear at 2BIN have established we love that movie and I have established that Alex Leadbeater is not a bad writer, just a horrible writer when it comes to comic book films. Now, I was reading a new article on WhatCulture, because generally it tends to have good articles. This article, titled "12 Movies That Were Ruined By One Dumb Decision" tricked me into thinking it was going to point out a stupid decision made in the plot of the film. Rather it criticized design, production and development decisions. The more I went on, the more I skimmed. Then I realized it was a Leadbeater article when Man of Steel was the final film.

How odd? I though Leadbeater had a host of reasons why he didn't like that film? Now he has narrowed it down to one, very specific reason? Let us analyze that reason. First paragraph, he talks about The Amazing Spider-Man and Maleficent. Is there a point there? He says that Marvel Studios understands that people want to see new things, when he criticizes those earlier films for doing new things? At least when Knight starts his articles about fucking Troodons he makes the article relevant later, I doubt Leadbeater will do the same. He then says this all happened because of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, which may be true to an extent. This is the second paragraph now and I haven't read a word about Superman. Yet now he says this was necessary, only because of past failures and the fact that there was a gritty Batman comic. Third paragraph and he criticizes a company called "D.C." for their cinematic universe! Wait... isn't D.C. a city? So this article is actually criticizing American congress! So why is the panel supposed to be about Superman...? Oh I get it, he just misspelled DC as D.C., don't people know to know their enemies? So apparently he hates the film because the dumb decision was changing everything from Superman: The Movie. I cannot even tell you how dumb a statement that is. So I'll try. It's fucking moronic. I mean why make the film if you are not going to change anything, why not just re-release Richard Donner's movie on blu-ray (which I think they did)? Then he criticizes them for keeping the glasses? I thought you wanted things the same you bitch!
Hell, I thought it might've even been the shoes company!


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