Monday, May 11, 2015

Mesozoica Kickstarter Delayed

So yes, guys. Tomorrow Mesozoica was supposed to go on Kickstarter and I was going to update the blog with a new post. Here is the thing, though. The game is not canceled. The Kickstarter is not canceled. Only delayed. We wanted to have a module out before the game could hit Kickstarter is really the only reason why. Having something playable would prove to everybody that you should put money into this project. How something like The Stomping Lands got an exponential profit on the goal that it sought out when apparently people are saying that it was a scam. I doubt it was meant to be a scam if it was, probably they miscalculated and just could not deliver.

I do not want Mesozoica to be that, and when the higherups at Underdog Interactive reached this decision, I have to say, I was relieved. This gives Underdog Interactive a chance to strengthen this fanbase, make sure that when they hit Kickstarter, they will exceed the goals. This gives Underdog Interactive the chance to release a module. The opportunities are endless and I hope you guys continue to stick with us.

In other news, Mad Max: Fury Road is coming out soon. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive, except from the looks of it, it does seem that Miller made a movie starring Charlize Theron with the Max name. Again, not bad, but not exactly what I wanted. The movie will be great, even if Max is a supporting character, like I predicted. Mad Max is a culturally significant movie and a beacon of hope to filmmakers everywhere. So this one brings it full circle.

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