Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wait... what?

So I've posted on the Syrian Uprising, or Civil War, before and it's quite obvious that I do not really support either side. Maybe in early 2011, I was all for the rebels, because lets face it, al-Assad is basically is father inept the ability to quash an uprising. You see, al-Assad is really just a tyrant, a king who falls under a greater king, Nasrallah. Now, let me clear this up for everyone easily:

al-Assad inherits one of the most powerful kingdoms and despite his attempts at reforms, he does not die a hero and lives long enough to see himself become a villain. Under the pressure of the greater leader in the Mesopotamia area, Nasrallah, al-Assad realizes he needs to quell the Arab Spring protests. He retaliates exactly how he should not, exactly how he would not have ten years ago, and goes with a violent militaristic approach. Now, two sides are fighting, al-Assad's military against the Free Syrian Army. However, the PYD, a third faction, has entered the fighting.

Naturally one would assume that al-Assad is the bad guy, the rebels the good guy and the PYD the wild card. True, but it all comes down to who is backing who.

The Syrian Government:

I myself have withdrawn all support on any faction, but let me clarify first. al-Assad is a leader of his own country, but a puppet in international tribunals, a puppet to Nasrallah of the Hezbollah, now the most dangerous terrorist group in the world (a position I would say it lost to al-Qaeda, but after recent strides, it is the most dangerous again) and a member of the Lebanese government. Naturally, Nasrallah would want al-Assad to stop the Uprising, but after the Uprising became a full scale Civil War, it was quite obvious that al-Assad would lose. So, against the better judgment of his people, Nasrallah sends in the Hezbollah militants, likely at the urging of Iran, hoping that they can stabilize the region. Now, that just makes you want to hate al-Assad even more, not only are his own troops dedicated, but he has the support of the two most dangerous countries in the region, both who want to stabilize the region through him. What is more, the arguable most powerful nation in the world, Russia, backs them.

The Free Syrian Army:

The Free Syrian Army is the militia group founded by the Syrian Government's crackdown on the rebels. This committee is essentially the antithesis of the Syrian Army, it is until the end of 2011, the guys we want to win. Here is the catch, though, only 50 % of Syria supports them, because unlike the situation in Libya, not everyone hates al-Assad. Now, like I said, this is the group that people outside Syria would want to support, exactly why the al-Nusra front is backing it. These Islamic Terrorists are ruthless al-Qaeda inspired militants who follow a more aggressive Mujahideen methodology and are essentially the FSA's antithesis to Hezbollah. Even after this, some people may claim it is okay, because despite their close ties, they aren't al-Qaeda themselves, right? Right. But their close ties to al-Qaeda has gotten hundreds, apparently, Taliban volunteers to go from Pakistan to Syria to fight for the FSA. So, I suppose these are the antithesis to Iran's participation in the war. If you are American or Canadian (as most of my readers are) and that does not make your blood boil, then this should, what is more, the arguable most powerful nation in the world, the USA, backs the FSA. The US backs the FSA, may not advocate their methods, but does back them, meaning they hope to have the FSA not be a government who is influenced from the Taliban or al-Nusra.

Wow, so the FSA isn't all that good anymore either, that just leaves one side...

The PYD:

The Democratic Union Party in Syria is a group that showed up, I suppose, late into the civil war, though they had been founded ten years ago. I suppose this is because they were an underground political party at first and have just gotten into militaristic tactics as of late. Both sides, the FSA and the Syrian Army have made claims that the PYD actually works for the other end, while the PYD itself claims that it wants to make the government it believes Syria should have. Well, this wild card actually seems like the best bet as of yet. Wait, doesn't PYD sound familiar? Ah yes, the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Pary, those terrorists who hound Eastern Turkey? Yeah, declaring KONGRA GEL the leader of Kurdish people even though they are in a different country, the PYD isn't all sunny either. Here is the thing, though, they aren't backed by any country, just political terrorist parties. The PYD has, however, admitted that despite ideological similarities, it is actually not that close to the PKK. That sounds good, yes, but I suppose the KONGRA GEL thing is what lost it support by almost everyone but those guys with guns in Turkey. The PYD is only supported by the Kurdish people in Syria, a reason why the Kurdish National Council, another group of fighters, share control of captured areas with the PYD and vice-versa. Here is the thing, though, despite all their badness, they are actually better than the previous two parties, since they want Kurdish autonomy, not independence. But it is these qualities, and what they are willing to do to get it, that makes them just as bad, ideologically, they are the best, but otherwise, no. The PYD is not considered an official player because of how unknown they are, but they are the wild card.

In Conclusion:
I just felt like posting on this. It seemed like I needed to make my say more clear because I have talked about this in the past and no matter my opinions back then, my opinion now is what I believe others should be. Do not support any side in this war, the Syrian Government are tyrants, the FSA is a bunch of terrorists and the PYD is something backed by one goal. Honestly, even though this war will determine the course of a whole region of millions of people, it is not a war where we can just take a side because we are not there, we cannot decide.

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