Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Flash TV-Show?

Now, I'm posting so much because for most of August there will really be nothing and I just want to give all I have in July. So let's start with today's big news.

The Flash was mentioned as getting his own Film for 2016 to prelude Justice League and to take place after Man of Steel II. That was all fine and dandy but the Man of Steel II announcement was so huge that I figured they decided to save this announcement for a later date before all the fanboys died of a stroke. You know what I figure, though, Warner realized what I realized about a Flash movie and decided to can it quietly.

If released on the same day, more people would go see a Usain Bolt biopic than The Flash for the simple fact is, all the Flash truly can do is run really fast, or that's what the general public believes. For a Flash movie to succeed, he would need to first be introduced and have his other powers (a control over lightning/electricity, extreme vibrations) would need to be made more well known to the public. I also think they realized that with the negative fan reactions towards Arrow in season 2 (not all negative, mind you), the CW would need to save their new golden goose. Introducing the Flash into Arrow is a brilliant move, especially because of the Big 5 in the Justice League, the Flash is the smallest. Honestly, I could see this show lasting for only two seasons or skipping a season to accommodate for a film around 2016 or 2017, but that is besides the point.

The point is that the Warner is building a shared universe, in TV first, though. DC is better than Marvel at TV, everybody knows that. Arrow will crush Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., just as the Flash will, it is a proven fact. The point is that the Flash, not Arrow, is spearheading this universe because it is the Flash that is the first spin-off and because the Flash will be the first character in this universe who will have superpowers. Remember when Arrow's producers would say no superpowers? I think they realized that they actually might now have crushed Agents without this revelation. For Arrow, this revelation is a mighty boon, just as it is for the rest of the TV Universe. After all, what they mentioned about Amazon, if the Flash is a success they will give Amazon a shot.

Now down to the discussion everybody wants to have: what if this show is to gonnegt Arrow to the Man of Steel Universe. Well one thing, DC will have beat Marvel to the punch at something and another, it will be there to explain the consequences of Man of Steel. I'm sure there were plenty of discussions between Warner and CW about trying to connect Arrow to Man of Steel, and I am sure they all boiled down to the same resolution: they could not show the impact of the film enough in Arrow without devaluing Oliver. With the introduction of the Flash, however, and him spinning off into his own show, however, they could deal with the consequences simply by showing a rise in Metahumans and mentioning Superman once. Right now, though, that is a fantasy and we should be glad that we've got a live action DCU to watch on our televisions.

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