Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Supernatural Spin-Off

One of my favorite shows on television is the gorey, action-packed, gun-toting, yet storytelling masterpiece Supernatural. Season 5, cancellation seemed like the perfect time. I would accept it then, but it went on and while Season 6 confused me, I liked how it changed the status quo and what the series was about. Season 7 was going so strong, I loved it, it changed everything, gave a new villain until the ending became comic booked. Season 8 wasn't about new monsters or anything, it was just new and it was amazing. It was, oh how did that saying go, a breast of fresh ass.

The producer says his story goes on until Season 10. I'm not taking that as a cancellation date, I'm taking that as a date that the producer departs the show. I would be glad with it ending then, after all, that could give Jensen Ackles time to play Batman. Ever since I heard that news I would love for him to play the role. No, he's not as young as Christian Bale when he snagged the role, but was Michael Keaton? Yet Keaton's performance as Batman ranks as the best Batman thus far. So, yeah, that's kind of how I see things going for Supernatural, a good ending, five years after it should have been.

Season 9, I pumped and am excited for the premiere and how it all goes down for the two brothers. One of the episode that intrigues me, though, is episode 20. The spin-off backdoor pilot episode. It'll introduce a new character, who will get his own spin-off afterwards. I am intrigued, wholly excited, but more intrigued than excited. Remember when the Office was ending, they made the episode called The Farm that was supposed to be Dwight's departure from the show to start his own show? Yeah, remember they cancelled that before the episode aired so the episode kind of ended up sucking a whole lot. Then again, Supernatural takes place in a world where anything is possible. Although I would have loved to see a mockumentary on Dwight, I cannot deny that it would have felt shallow compared to The Office, especially since it would be little more than an extension of it. Perhaps that is why they cancelled that series, because it would be an extension of a beloved character whose story had really ended with the Office. You see, doing a spin-off on Castiel would be really more of the same thing, but this is a new character. That is what has be intrigued, will the spin-off, it will air because of The Originals, be inspired by the adventure in Season 9, or not? Personally, I feel that the episode should be to introduce the new character and his series will be about his own thing, it doesn't even need to mention the adventure or have a gonnegtion to it. It would be so much better if it was just another series set int he same world. It can succeed where other spin-offs have failed, showing a spin-off that doesn't need to rely on the success of it's parent show. That is where Castiel would have failed, people would have needed to know about him in Supernatural, that is where The Colt would have failed, people would wonder why Hell on Wheels with Demons would make sense. That is why Angel failed after five seasons, people wondered why Buffy's boy-toy had his own show, same reason why that Joey show failed miserably. But this, this can be something new, it can be something great.

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