Saturday, July 20, 2013

Man of Steel II: World's Finest

So with news this big, I just had to post, didn't I? Yes, I would have posted had the news been much simpler, but this big? I was surprised they didn't announce The Flash, like reported, as well, then the crowd would have gone nuts. Maybe they are saving that announcement till later, who knows. But Scott Snyder came out, to a huge applause, announced Man of Steel II to a gigantic applause. So immediately thoughts swirled around my head, Superman deals with Zod's death, lighter film, Luthor makes himself known, battle with Brainiac. Thoughts about what next: World's Finest, Trinity, Justice League. But then Lennix said the famous words of Frank Miller and Man of Steel II became World's Finest, with the two leads established, Warner, give us one more League member film and then give us the League. What would have made this better? If Dark Universe: Heaven Sent was announced as well, but World's Finest is huge on it's own. As evident by The Dark Knight Rises, Batman is big enough to go against The Avengers 2 alone, with Superman, sorry Tony, you don't stand a chance.

We know that the Man of Steel cast will be returning, so I'm sure a majority of the film will be focused on Clark. So, while I would like to have the film divided fifty-fity, Superman/Batman, if not, it should seventy five Superman/twenty five Batman. That is if it is not fifty-fifty. How would this work, easy, give Bruce Wayne a background foreground presence, first establish him as Wayne, a playboy business competitor of Luthor who too is helping clean up Metropolis, but differently. Later Clark runs into Batman, and finds out he is already all prepped for Anti-Superman, with the suit we've seen in Man of Steel, but has as of yet figured out a true weakness. Yes Clark figures out Bruce is Batman, but when they meet again, he should be shocked to know Bruce knows Clark is Superman.

Again, just my two cents and inner fanboy unleashed!

See ye around.

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