Sunday, July 28, 2013

About the Heat - This is a Rant

The Heat, a stupid dumb movie starring I'm almost 50 - Sandra Bullock and I think I'm funny'cuz I'm fat - McCarthy. I swear to God the moment I saw the trailer I almost threw up, who the hell would want to make this stupid movie? I mean, seriously that interrogation scene in the trailer? That is not funny, that is moronic, idiotic and everything else associated with the word foolish. I regret looking up the movie, I wish I could Eternal Sunshine it out of my mind! I can't believe it got any positive reviews and money it did, why a fucking sequel?

Just to prove my rant, the director, some dipshit named Paul Feig, thinks he is funny because he directed some Office episodes. To his defense, though, those were good episodes. But wow, look at all those other shit he has made, an episode of 30 Rock? WOW, SO FUNNY I'M PISSING MYSELF HERE! You know you suck to a certain degree if you Weeds on your credentials. This guy is a damn woman (not that there is anything wrong with that), Bridesmaids? Are you kidding me? Only people I know that like that are girls... wait, The Heat was obviously a movie for girls! Then what the fuck was it's trailer doing on Sportsnet 360? No girl, other than Sharon Glencross, watches WWE SmackDown! But this director sucks badly, I mean, I am David and Unaccompanied Minors?

Not all the director's fault, let's look at Peter Chernin, the producer. The dude is 62 and works for all these companies, meaning, all he wants is money! HE LIVES FOR MONEY! He can donate all he wants to charity, but this MAN WANTS MONEY! You are 62, Chernin, you've got what, 10 to 20 years of life left? Money ain't going to do you SHIT NOW!

Sorry to all those I offended, I just really wish I had never seen this trailer.

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