Monday, July 29, 2013

Detective Grimoire - The Best Indie Game I've Seen in Years

I don't normally post about indie games out here, but a long time ago I played a flash game called Detective Grimoire. It was a very well done game, wonderful graphics, for a Flash game, a well thought out storyline and there was just that element to the storyline that attached the person to the game. It had that special element that Crash Bandicoot, Donkey Kong and games like Ty the Tasmanian Tiger had to it. I read the comments and one of the co-creator said they were working on the sequel.

Obviously I wanted that sequel right away, it's only natural to want something like that right away. I actually checked day by day at a time, then month by month. Since I really only checked about every six months. Then the teaser for Detective Grimoire 2 came out, it stayed for a couple months before it became Mystery of the Swamp. The team was full fledged on making a sequel. Then they launched the Kickstarter and as I understand are now in Beta. It is a wonderful game and I want the next part after this one, there won't be one if the team is disappointed with how things go down, but the way this looks, true to itself and true to the original, Grimoire will be excellent.

Check it out here and remember to purchase it when it is released.

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