Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What Will Man of Steel III Be?

This is not the post I planned to post today, simply because I need to put more thought and effort into that post before I can post it. Hence, I'm giving this one today on a topic that has become one of 2BIN's favorites since it came out, Man of Steel.

So we all know that WB is pretty much pushing for the CW to incorporate Arrow and the Flash into the new DCCU. Those are two well known characters of the Justice League, and dare I say it, but I believe that Green Arrow could potentially replace Green Lantern in the Justice League movie simply because he will have been given more time to have been built up. Think about it, the Justice League movie will have five members and I honestly think the Green Lantern franchise should be given space, so why not Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Arrow, more human members initially makes Batman seem a lot more believable. How, though, are WB building up Trinity? The main three heroes of the Justice League?

Well Man of Steel established Superman and Man of Steel II: World's Finest (I'm still pushing for this title) will incorporate Batman into that mythos as a supporting character. We can figure that after Justice League Batman will get his own film series again. I believe the best way to incorporate Wonder Woman is the same way that they are putting Batman. I'm sure that part two will be good, but fans will want the third Superman movie to feature just him, no guest roles from other heroes. Unfortunately, I'm calling the third film for 2017 and Justice League for after that and you know what, if WB is so scared of introducing Wonder Woman alone, they need to put her in Man of Steel III: Amazonian (Random title thought up on the spot) or a Superman/Wonder Woman film. By introducing her first in Justice League, she will overshadowed without a doubt, but giving her a role like Batman has in the third Man of Steel film, essentially putting the entire Trinity on film (so three fifths of the League is already established) is a recipe for success. Not only will she get the screen time she deserves, but will also be loved by the audience. Hence, her own film won't fail (not that it would anyways, considering that Wonder Woman, unlike Supergirl and Elektra, is a cultural icon) like WB is scared it will.

There you have it, what I believe WB should do in addition to my countless other posts on the matter.

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