Sunday, August 18, 2013

How Old is Zod?

So I'm back, after two whole weeks of no 2BIN, how did you people survive? So this is more of a question about the Man of Steel movie that I was wondering about, how old is General Zod? I mean, this could explain why Superman could beat him, an age difference, but yeah. I have two special posts that I will post within five days. So lets start on this one:

The Man of Steel movie novelization states that General Zod and Jor-El are the same age. This is something to consider as it provides us with a multitude of options, because I'm assuming they are the same age.

1) Russel Crowe was 47 when Man of Steel started to film. Now if Zod is the same age, add 33 to that number and we would have an 80 year old General. It seems very hard to believe that Superman had so much trouble with an 80 year old senior citizen. Now, let me point out that time passes by either far more slowly or quickly in space so the 33 years that Zod went through may not have aged him very much. This is possible, but let's ignore the number 80 because this is not The Lord of the Rings.

2) Michael Shannon was 37 by the time filming started, let's add 33 to that one. We get 70. This is more realistic (even for Superman) because I do believe there are a couple of 70 year olds who could kick my ass. Now, in addition to the space-aging theory, lets add another that could be likely for this one to be true (because adding it to the last one would be overkill given the age). Kryptonians age differently and live longer when not on Krypton. This one has been explored numerous times in comics and such so it would not be too hard of a theorem to believe, but I'm still not willing to accept 70, 60 is really the max for me.

3) In the first draft of the movie, Zod was married to Faora, so it shouldn't be irrational to believe they were designed to be around the same age, right? Well, Michael Shannon is not so much older than Antje Traue for this to make a huge difference.

4) Like the Faora one, this one is just out there. In most Hollywood movies I have seen, guys normally become fathers in their mid 30s and given Crowe's haggard appearance, it wouldn't be irrational to assume the Jor-El he was playing was around 35 with a lot of stress. Again, not a lot.

5) A lot of guys become parents at the ages of 25 as well and on Krypton, where marriages are arranged (according to the novelization), it would not be wrong to assume Jor-El married early. So assuming he's 25 when Krypton was destroyed, Zod would be 58. This seems to be the most likely answer out there, that Zod and Jor-El were both around 25 when Krypton went kibosh. You see, lets add the Krypton-aging one, it takes around ten years off and the time aging one five to ten. That is from fifteen to twenty years off Zod's age, which would make him from 43 to 38 years old in physical appearance and strength. Zod's graying hair could support this theory. However, hear is the fun part, lets look at Hulk Hogan. At his age, 59 I believe, he is still very muscular and athletic (ROIDS!) and say he was genetically manufactured like Zod was, I believe Hogan could give Superman (not John Cena) a run for his money, but like Zod would ultimately lose in the end.

Well, I'm back and I choose Number 5 because it seems like the most logical answer!

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