Monday, August 19, 2013

WWE 2K14 WrestleMania Mode

I never really liked the Road to WrestleMania mode that replaced the season mode in the last days of SvR and the early days of the WWE titles. It took something away, the obscurity and possibility of anything that Here Comes the Pain had highlighted all the way to it's last day. I liked some of the storylines, the Chris Jericho ones obviously, but they all, in the end, seemed like fanfiction based off of a real life scripted tv show.

So when THQ replaced it with the Attitude Era mode in WWE '13, I will admit, I was a tad skeptical. Let me start off by saying that I still would have preferred Season Mode more (since they barely appeared to be adding changes to Universe Mode) if it was akin to the old days. You see, aside from the in-match objectives, the Attitude Era mode was not too different than Road to WrestleMania, but here was why I loved it: it was based off of reality. It gave us the great characters of ye old '90s and basically allowed us to relive the old storylines in a brand new fashion, by playing them! That was what was great about the Attitude Era mode and the main reason why (aside from the gameplay fixes) it was much much better than that Road to WrestleMania mode.

The Attitude Era mode covered the early days of the WWE's most iconic era, up until the first WrestleMania encounter between Stone Cold and the Rock and then some. It did not, however, cover the last days of the Attitude Era's main events, which some could argue were really a descent into Ruthless Aggression. So I figured that Visual Concepts would be working on some new modes and overseeing gameplay fixes, while Yukes did their thing (as in everything else) and made the Attitude Era mode part 2. It would not be as original an idea as last years, but a satisfying one nonetheless.

They did not do that, instead they added a WrestleMania Mode, which if I am not mistaken is much like the games based off of WrestleMania itself, rather than the Road to WrestleMania modes. However, it does borrow certain aspects from both modes, but from what I gather, looks more like the Attitude Era mode times ten, at least. I am very happy with this, very happy indeed. It combines the best from the WrestleMania games, gives us what Road to WrestleMania was about in the presentation of the Attitude Era. That's a recipe for success, especially since it is bound to be bigger than the Attitude Era mode, giving us 30 years of WrestleMania (they'll make up for it in months or DLC since WrestleMania 30 is next year). It also gives us characters that we thought we would never see again in a WWE game again, such as Goldberg or Hulk Hogan, sure to be a boon to the game.

That isn't why I am excited, though. I am excited because the game features what I wanted most specifically, the Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28, a match I love to death simply because of the grandeur around it. I remember wanting a WWE '13 WrestleMania 28 edition. I remember posting that they should make this with the WM 28 cover attached and a small Road to WrestleMania mode featuring the rivalry and the match. It appears as if I will be getting my wish in this new WrestleMania Mode. Don't blame me for being happy about this one match alone, most of the WrestleMania's were before my time.

Well, next post (tomorrow) will be more different than anything I've ever posted.

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