Sunday, September 6, 2015


So, just because I feel I owe this blog a post, I am starting something called Micro-Reviews. Recently I saw two films, No Escape and The Transporter Refueled. Both of the films have not receieved glamorous reviews, but both of the movies do deserve better. They are no Fant4astic for sure, so stop treating them like they are.

No Escape:

So, what people may not remember about Owen Wilson is that even though he started off in comedies like Bottle Rocket and The Cable Guy, he got famous from action movies like Anaconda, Armageddon, The Huanting and Behind Enemy Lines. In between those films, his projects proved his true talent lied in comedies, but he was never a bad action star. With this film, he returns to the genre, trying to launch maybe a Liam Neeson like return. Or is that Pierce Brosnan that is trying it? Either way, Owen Wilson and Lake Bell display amazing acting all throughout the film. As one dimensional as Pierce Brosnan is, his acting suits his role and gives off the subtlety that is required to make his character work. Thing about this movie is that people are saying that the Asian characters are "one dimensional" and are calling racism. Most of the people saying that are white old men who can only argue from behind a keyboard. The emphasis of this film is on the white characters and quite frankly, this is a perfectly reasonable situation. I'm not white and I completely understand where the Asian characters are coming from. These are angry and hurt people who feel betrayed by their own government. They are looking for somebody responsible and see only one solution. It makes sense. Throughout the film we see helpful Asians, not everybody is a douche. Oh but what about that one guy who wanted the shoes? That man is risking his life to save an entire family. The least he can get are J's. The movie is not racist or retrograde or whatever critics are calling it.


The Transporter Refueled:

I don't think people expected much from this movie and did not want to be blown away. The film features great acting from Loan Chabanol, who is pretty much the main character of this movie through her role as Anna. She plays the tragic and fractured dame with a plan and a gun. Yes, we can pull off Ray Stevensen as being a sexist Casanova, but this film is not aiming to break new grounds in sexism like Mad Max: Fury Road did. No, it is rather instead trying to give a good time. It gives its great acting through Chabanol and through Ed Skrein gives a great time. There is exposition where is expected and action where needed. The person in the theatre should not ever feel bored and the film is a great romp. No, it isn't that new Nick Nolte movie or whatever that is, but if you want to have a fun time and not a fucking epiphany, watch this.


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