Thursday, September 17, 2015

Help Us Get To 30K by Sunday - Get Mesozoica Closed Alpha

Okay, so the Kickstarter for Mesozoica is really gearing up now. We have 18 days left, which is a little under three weeks. In our first week, we made 40% of our goal. Now, by the end of our second week, we want to make 60%. That would be $30,000 by Sunday. If we do, on our website, link here, I will put up the ZIP file containing the Mesozoica Closed Alpha.

Now if everyone who views this post backs us by only $5 and becomes a part of the development process, we would get so much closer to our goal and to making this game a reality. Currently we are at $23,360 as I type and will likely hit between $24k-$25k by the end of the night. I would really greatly appreciate it if all you guys backed the project so that many of us on the project can live our dreams. Besides, who knows what we can work on next if this is a success.

To guarantee you guys that this will likely be a success. Most projects that are successes hit 30% of their goal within the first 48 hours, we did that. As long as a project hits at least 60% of the goal before the final two days of the campaign, it will likely receive a 40% surge in backing. We want to get to that 60% as soon as possible and are only 13% away.

Link to Kickstarter is here.

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