Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So Dang!

Okay, Yafisz convinced me to put the blog on lockdown, which means that you guys won't hear of the fourth writer for a while now. Why? I'm working on a slew of new videos at this very moment right now. I forgot to post when I uploaded a new Destiny Gameplay Test, and I'm uploaded another new one right now. Both of those feature commentary and start off with raps under my rap name Big Will (hey, Will Smith ain't using it anymore, who says I can't?). Anyways, to a sequel to The Bourne Ultimatum to the announcement of a film as obscure as Cyborg by Warner Bros to the horrific casting of Ezra Miller as Flash in that new film, there was a bunch of new news. I just needed to break commentary to tell you all. The only real bad part of this news, however, was that Shazam will be coming out in 2019. Dwayne Johnson will be 47 by then, sure it'll probably film when he's like 45 and he'll still be jacked until he's at least in his sixties, but it doesn't leave much franchise room. From the instantaneous rumors that have popped up, it's actually very good news when the least exciting film announced is Suicide Squad.

In other news. I have a bunch of remixes coming out. Some of them would be up here already but I cannot figure out what video to do to any of them. So, if you guys want to know, the first remix is of Gangster Luv, I've just added in Jamie Foxx and Ludacris. The next one is of Numb Encore. Remember the Numb Encore remix including 50 Cent and Eminem, yeah, I'm actually remixing a remix. Then, it's kind of strange, because I'm taking a Mozart symphony and adding in some form of acapella in the background. Then, well, the project after that will harken back to the very beginning of 2BINProductions and Knight12ify and Cutlock and will prove that I have come a long way from slideshows and have mastered the craft. Upon doing that project, I will be content to focus on Destiny gameplay videos (although I'll have other games up by then, hopefully). Anyways, Anna has a post below, read it, I'm officially taking the blog off lockdown, so you'll get Yafisz and our fourth writer posting whenever they get off their lazy asses (Yafisz isn't lazy, he posts a lot, it's just me).

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