Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What The BC Teachers Strike Truly Entails

Now this is a bit of a local post, for British Columbia, Canada only but I hope that a lot of you who see and read this will Facebook and retweet it or reddit it because this needs to be seen. We all know that British Columbia has not had school so far because of a Teacher's Strike between the BCTF and the Employer's Association. Why am I making this post when it is all but confirmed that the strike is over and that children will be back to school? Well, quite simply, even though kids do deserve to be back to school, the fact of the matter is if they are truly the future then they deserve better means to do so.
Oooh, appealing.

Now I just love the plan the Employers Association and the BCTF have come up with. It is such a move that I would probably try myself if I wanted to get people back to work quickly. Reach a "tentative" deal. Teachers are smart, they know tentative means it is not in place yet, but if the ratify the deal, everything is a lock! So, 24 hours to vote, sure! But, since the full details will be released tomorrow (day of the vote, I believe) and Iker has only sent out in his email to the teachers what they will be getting, not losing, I doubt teachers are truly going to analyze the full deal and thus the majority will vote yes to end the strike.
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So lets have a look at what the 'benefits' entail: release the details that teachers may like, this includes the 7.5% pay increase per six years, a special fund for public education and what was it? Oh yes, $400 000 000 approximately in that education fund which will primarily be spent on creating new jobs! What was it again? People who aren't teachers yet are not the ones who are on the picket lines and are not enduring financial stress? Well, why would that even be a part of the deal? Because big money sounds appealing. Now, lets go back to the 7.5% pay increase. If the deal is ratified, then teachers will have gotten a 2 % pay increase as of September. But that is part for the second year, because the first year supposedly starts in 2013 and they get no increase for that. So, don't call it a sex year deal, call it five. So for this five year deal, teachers will get 1.25% in January next year, so about 3.25% pay increase in about five months. Good deal, right? Well, given that they don't get another increase for an entire year and a half at which they only get it up by 1% after which it will fluctuate per year by 1 % or by 0.5 % up 2019 the deal really isn't as good as it should've been. Equal proportions over an equal five year radius starting from when the deal ended which would amount to an equal rate of 8 % would be much more favorable and in line with the 10 % teachers were demanding. Everyone knows that 7.5 % is just fancy for 7 % as $09.99 is fancy for $10.00. Then there is the fact that teachers want bigger class sizes and such. Nothing was given on that front, just that teachers get more time to prepare, and elementary teachers at that get the most time. In case I recall correctly, was it not secondary teachers who demanded this more than any others, why is it that it is them who are getting the least?
I wanted to point this out and say, if she truly cared and was appreciative about this visit, then she would not have posed for a picture. That is disrespectful in it's own. What this is up here is an attempts to gain the votes of the Indo-Canadian community. All that would have sufficed is simply saying that she visited, but to pose for an actual picture while looking away from Darbar Sahib is very disrespectful, using religion to gain votes. A shrewd tactic yes, but on this scale, you can tell that she cares only for her job and the money that it brings her. - Knight (as in, not the writer of this article)

 I haven't even hit the best part yet but let us hit this first: $105 000 000 sounds like a lot, right? That's going to be given out in grievances to the teachers. Lets assume 2 teachers per grade, that gives us 26 teachers from K-12. Lets assume 20 schools per district and six districts. That means 2600 teachers. No doubt that is far less than the actual amount of teachers in British Columbia down to school itself, but I am giving you the lowest possible number to give you this analysis. Some teachers have lost $10 000 and some even more but we'll use that number because it makes sense. Assume from the 26 teachers per school, that only a quarter of them have lost approximately that much. So that rounds us to 7 teachers. 7 teachers to whom $70 000 is owed. Lets go up the districts, for 20 schools of 520 teachers, 140 teachers are owed $1400000. How about my min district set at six districts. Well, that gives us 840 teachers out of 2600 to whom a hefty $8.4 Million is owed. No doubt because some teachers have likely lost more, the numbers owed for my said populace of 2600 should be higher and ultimately if we account this for the whole province, $105 000 000 just is not going to cut it. Do you want to know how I know that? Education. This means that because of what I have learned from education I can guarantee that the educators will only be getting a few thousand, maybe less, each and that will be much less for even those who aren't owed too much. That number is not big enough and maybe if you switched it around with the number which will be put into making new teachers, it would be acceptable (no, it probably WOULD be acceptable). Wait, given that there are actually approximately 41 000 teachers in BC, extrapolation of my data means that the $105 000 000 is definitely not acceptable because my data only accounts for 6.3 % of teachers in BC. Going into court for more money is the only way teachers will actually make back what they are owed, but we'll get into that next paragraph.
Except if I remember, she didn't win. She lost and then she had to gain a seat in like Kelowna or something. People like the Liberal Party, not it's leader.

Read that meme? I hope you enjoyed it because now we are at the court cases. This strike was bound to end after October 6th if nothing happened earlier. That was the fact. The fact also was that as that date neared  Fassbender probably started getting more scared because how much teachers were owed would also be brought up in court. No jury in their right mind would give the government the win if this was brought up, no matter their political affiliation. If this deal is signed, all of that is off and the government has much more leverage. Let us say that only 30 % of possible people who will be selected for the jury are with Christy Clark and Peter Fassbender. That number will not matter, what will matter is what percent of that 30 make sup the jury. People are biased and some of those biases will affect the overall outcome of the court result. Now want to hear the real juicy facts, they said E80 was taken out of the contract because let court be dealt in court. Another great tactic to try and get teachers to vote yes! I hear there are a few devils in the contract, one of those which I have heard is that if the government does win the court case they will be allowed to change parts of this contract to their own will. Did I get you there? So does that mean, that if the government wants (the pay increase will probably be the only thing unaffected if the government wins) they'll be able to take away that four hundred million for new teachers or y'know, just take bits and pieces away and put them back as they please. Just good for business, y'see. Unfortunately, due to the way that this vote is being set up, a thorough analysis will not be given and teachers will likely vote yes on a, I'll say 60 to 40 % scale because we all know teachers aren't stupid, well, some of them are.

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