Monday, October 27, 2014

Destiny Review [Yafisz's]

Did you see what I did there? I put up my name in closed brackets to indicate that it's my review but am still going to give my classic - MYK at the bottom because that's my schtick. Destiny is like that Daffy Duck cartoon you watch when your little, your excited, you love it, you play it and you wonder what he's going to do to Porky next week but then you don't care because it's going to be Bugs Bunny and Porky (Shadow of Mordor) next week. That's what Destiny is, a perfectly enjoyable game that has so many flaws you realize when you look at the internet.
If I cared enough to use Photoshop I'd add another TV Screen.

Where to start? Gameplay, as Knight mentioned, is top notch. There is no FPS out there with better gameplay, a testament really because while it's good, your wondering how it got wasted on something like this. It's only really as enjoyable as it's environments are. That I guess is the biggest flaw of Destiny, not it's tower-defense based gameplay, but the environments. It makes everything feel either as if it's out of High Voltage Software's Conduit 2 or Anna's posts. Also, I've been going on the CBR forums using Anna's name because they banned me when I was myself and when I was Knight, so fuck you CBR! Back to the review, the environment ruined this game for me. It doesn't make sense half of the time and unless it's Earth, it feels like their trying to make something solar system local (not local) feel like it's from Earth. Everything is distant, feels wrong and I wonder if I stepped backwards in time.
They can't mean that kind of infection, can they?

How does this affect major gameplay aspects? Characters don't look lively and in online, if an Exo teleports behind me, I don't care enough to look back to use my shotgun. It's as simple as that, the gampelay is not inspring. Not like that Tower map from Halo 3 where my friends and I spent hours upon hours upon hours playing. Damn that was intense. Yeah, I'm comparing it to Halo because that is what Bungie should've based it upon. Good graphics don't matter if you don't make something grapically appealing. That's the lesson. Graphics do matter. If you make something with amazing gameplay but horrible graphics that just leave a bad taste, nothing feels right, especially with Peter Dinklage's ghost spending half his time up your player's ass.
Just putting this out there, rape is not a joke.

Biggest thing to worry about, the game shouldn't be bad. It's got intense online and does get a little better with each update. Here is the thing, though, just like Call of Duty: Black Ops, this game was released unfinished. Strong sales be damned, the game is worth it when it gets a price cut. Not bad, just not amazing.
I'd add a meme, but let's just look at the hot girl.

MYK (you motherfucker!)

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