Sunday, September 7, 2014

Woah! Black Adam and the Justice League

Dang, here I was thanking people for my MCU video and then my new video, in spite of quality issues, racks up almost 120 views in almost three days? That is a new record for me. So, to keep the loving flowing, here is the video again, lets get twice that amount now!:

But, in all honesty, I should've made a post when Dwayne Johnson was confirmed to be Black Adam. They've got a screenwriter and I'm sure they've got a director as well. I'm getting a Thor vibe from this movie and since it's basically confirmed to be set in the Man of Steel universe, though it could do well if it weren't, people have been speculating Black Adam is DC's Loki. I mean, who else has as much charisma, passion and electricity as Dwayne Johnson? Everything he does, he excels at and like Hercules, this is one of his passion projects. So, if the new Captain Marvel film is a success, don't doubt Black Adam as being the villain of the Justice League movie.

Short post, but, Anna's posted her first post, check that out. I have no clue what it's about or if she even knows I exist, but I'm sure she'll appeal somewhere.

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