Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tomorrow is Canada Day

Ah June is over and it's Canada Day, a day of celebration, red, white and the Scotia Bank mascot handing kids cards during the parade. Ah what a joyous celebration.

Where we get a bench and watch a bunch of old guys in motorcycles and kids who went to some martial arts thing perform.

A day where we actually enjoy. I know right, it's not like those other days where you guys come onto this blog wondering what the hell there is left to do on the computer. I mean it gives us a day to GO OUTSIDE. That is powerful.

No I am not high.

We asked for our independence politely and got it. Quebec asked for it meanly by way of that de Gaulle bastard so we slapped them in the faces and hoped that senile old man died! AND HE DID!

Before I offend anybody else, goodbye! And have a good Canada Day tomorrow! Wave that red and white flag, be proud if your Canadian!

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