Monday, June 17, 2013

The Anomaly of the Reviews

Man of Steel has gotten 56 % on Rotten Tomatoes, and that doesn't necessarily mean the movie sucks, because if it did we would have gotten what we got before. Lets just think about this for a moment, many people loved the film, many reviewers loved the film and the fact that we see that score, it's startling right? Well, here is the thing, all the reviewers that gave it the negative review, it is because they did not get the Superman that they wanted. The positive reviewers give their review because they got the Superman film that they had been waiting for.

The reviews have either been top notch, or down below. Mixed reviews around the 5/10 score are truthfully far and few. Because of the huge split in reviews, the film gets a halfway score, giving you a halfway chance that you either will like it or wont.

Looking at that score may scare you, but learn the story behind it first.

This is the second out of third posts I will do to commemorate Superman's 75 anniversary.

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