Saturday, June 29, 2013


So the garden behind my house has been infiltrated about three times, three confirmed times. Other possible times I may have been playing video games, sleeping or exercising (We all know that's a lie). The first recorded time I had it cornered, but I let my cockiness get in the way and it nearly escaped, using it's friend, who was in escapable position to distract me. I still nearly got it, though, getting it to fall on it's ass, but I got too close before I was ready and it ran off to the school, where the open field gave it a space I could not catch it from. The second time, upon my return he was there to greet me, he knew that last time was not fair and wanted a rematch. I was not ready though, and I slipped, dress pants will do that, causing him to run, laughing in my face.

Two weeks later he returned, this time actually officially threatening the garden. It knew I was weakened, a flu you see, and in the garden I picked up my weapon (a bucket), it ran to one side, I met it. I was slow, and unprepared (I should have used the bucket to through and a stick to hit) and it escaped off the side. I saw it's friend on the other side of the road, and three times I said it, each time louder and more maniacal than the last: "I WILL FIND HIM!"

I know those European Rabbits, invasive bastards, can't use the Internet, but as long as I'm too lazy to build a rabbit snare, I will find him! I will kick his ass, knock him unconscious (no way I'm picking up a conscious one, rabies you kn0w), put him in a cage (don't worry, I'll feed him) and put him on display for about a week, a warning to all rabbits, not to mess with me.

That's my Tide. What's yours?

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