Thursday, August 7, 2014

Something Good

Imagine, if in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice we are greeted to Batman and Wonder Woman, shown Victor Stone playing football and Lexcorp security footage of the Flash and Aquaman. That was the plan all along, not shoehorned in like Venom for Spider-Man 3, everything in Iron Man II and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now, imagine that we get the rest of the Justice League in the Justice League film. Now, imagine the bad guy is a parallel to Loki, mischievous badass that you love to want to win: Black Adam played by Dwayne Johnson. Now imagine that Captain Marvel is also played by Dwayne Johnson, double role: WINNING. Then there is the Dark Universe series of films, set in another universe that lets us finally have a Swamp Thing film that is either horror or action, not the goofy mix of both. Then there is the TV universe, Arrow, Flash and Arrow's upcoming second spin-off (Atom, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter?). That last one has hinted towards Crisis on Infinite Earths. Think about it, all of those universes converge for one big film against the Anti-Monitor, then diverge back into rebooted universes. Kind of seems different to what Marvel has been giving and slightly true to the comics.

I don't have much to post today, but I felt like posting anyways. You know what has been going along really good, Jurassic World. That movie seems like it will kick ass, want to know why? No, not Chris Pratt or any of the other actors and definitely not because of the director. It is asking, what if the park went successful before it went to shit? I would want to see that, it's a reboot, a remake and a sequel all in one. People who want the series to lay lie can go fuck off but this seems like it is going to be a very enjoyable ride, do you want to know why? Isla Nublar Roller Coaster rides that is why, Hulk Hogan guest appearances that is why, oh and the random protest group that gets deinonychus' thrown at them! Anyways, it might not have any of the really big dinosaurs that made number three worth it like the Spinosaurus and probably won't feature the T-Rex's crocodile swimming, but I'm still certain that it will be an enjoyable romp with mind bending and heart stopping moments that gets us thinking about the moral ethics of cloning. And then we forget about it until somebody clones Homer Simpson into real life and then he dies of being fat.

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