Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Something Bad

There were some things about Guardians of the Galaxy that were a tad bit frustrating. The first one was, what the hell happened to the Aether? When the Orb went all ka-blooey did it get free? Did the Orb have such a volatile reaction because the Aether was present? Is the Aether still contained? Given the power and magnitude of the Aether, something like that should really have been explained and been given depth. The second major thing was when Star Lord went out to save Gamora and gave her his mask, he should have died in milliseconds due to the lack of pressure. He is a human, Gamora maybe has some evolutionary advantage, but Star Lord is a human and no alien daddy of his is going to change that (because from what we've seen, his alien parentage has hardly changed his physiology or anything, it's just made him more immune to Infinity Stone withdrawal, so essentially he still is human). The third is that the movie totally underwhelmed Thanos, they had him all prepped up and big and all and then when Ronan uses the Infinity Stone for his own power he says he'll kill Thanos and the Mad Titan cuts the comm link. Boom, that really made him look tough, he hung up on Ronan. Maybe a statement of how much he would make Ronan suffer would suffice.

Then there is something I've wanted to talk about, Mass Effect. It was a video game series that for a lot of time, primarily because it started out as Xbox exclusive, that I didn't know what to think. I was at a mindset where I didn't really believe that sci fi could be melded into RPGs in such a way. Then there came in sex scenes. I really thought this was just a Song of Ice and Fire sci fi video game (I don't know if the show was out yet). The collection, which contained all the DLC, was out for about thirty dollars and so I thought what the hell, might as well. I made my own custom Shepard, made him an engineer and an Akuze background. The first game was gripping, it was very fun and amusing to play with, although I didn't like how I had to use the Mako to get resources. Then in Mass Effect 2, the stakes were high, unbelievably high (I wanted Jack to die but Legion died instead, which ultimately screwed up Mass Effect 3. Also, Kolyat and Mordin died as well). It was amazing, especially the scanning system. Then came Mass Effect 3, which did a lot of things wrong. The first, it took out a holster option. That's just a slight annoyance. The second it couldn't up it's mind thematically. The third, it changed the scanning system into something really odd, awkward and annoying. It did one thing so right though that was really good. It made Shepard such a humanlike character that you actually for the first time, felt for him. In the earlier games, Shepard was there, sure, but I never really cared what happened to him or his crew. When Samara commit suicide, when Tali commit suicide and when Tiks commit suicide I felt for Shepard. Those characters I never really felt for when they were companions, not like I did for Garrus and Kaiden or Miranda and Liara. But the game had a human aspect to the story, so it worked.

The third thing in this post is the WWE 2K series. Hopefully, since this is the game where Visual Concepts takes more control, we have the don't remove, but add and make better policy. Sometimes in WWE games, features that were there for a while would just disappear for no apparent reason. I believe that what should be happening is they give us 2K Showcase which is a nice historical mode and just kick out all the tweaks that existed in the Attitude Era mode and the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode. Then this My Career, make it like the old career modes of SvR 2008 or Here Comes the Pain. Then Universe Mode, make like GM Mode and add cutscenes, have your player run the show, have a rivalry progress based on wins and losses, oh and add all the features the people want. Things like Creative Suit should be upped for next gen graphics and well, that is all.

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