Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What Defines a Tyrant?

Lets look at those who have been called tyrants: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Hussein.

Which of those four were really tyrants: Stalin & Hussein. Don't get me wrong, Hitler was a bad man. The worst man to have lived in fact, nobody in the world was worse than Hitler. Hitler was so bad that in Futurama, even the people in the future cared about his atrocities, things like that don't go away.

Tyrant definition: a sovereign or other ruler who uses power oppressively or unjustly.

Yes, Hitler was unjust, but not against his own people. No, let me rephrase that, Hitler was the most unjust motherfucker to have ever lived, and was not oppressive against the Aryans. His Aryan and Nazi class cared for him and I cant say he did back, but I can say that he gave them respect and good lives while he murdered everybody else (kind of showing who's special)

Now I don't need to explain why Stalin was a tyrant, but I'll do it. Murdered the most people in WW2, over 60 Million, during the war period millions of Soviets died from starvation.

Why was Hussein a tyrant, look at the Iraq War and Iraq Lobster. Phase one, paranoia - try to invade Iran because your scared that he's going to get your people to rebel. Phase two, distrust - murder your own people [Kurds]. Phase three, anger - invade your nations biggest ally  because they cant afford to pay you. Phase four - the fall, get your ass kicked by bigger assholes.

Now Lenin, Lenin was different than Stalin. Made a tyrant in the 1960s image fade 70's 80's, made a dictator in the 90's. Now, he was made a tyrant by the US discrediting the Soviet Union. They say that he and Stalin were no different, killing their own people, but Stalin did not know where to stop, thus making Stalin a tyrant, Lenin knew where to stop. Lenin did kill people, he was vicious and mean, but he knew where to stop. If it were not for Lenin, we would not have things on the Moon, or orbit the Earth or a Mars Rover or Iraq Lobster. Lenin was a revolutionary, Stalin was a murderer, Hitler was a nationalist and Hussein was paranoid.

Three are the qualities of a Tyrant; two were tyrants; one was the worst of all four; and one was unjustly made the worst, they never thanked him for starting the Space Race... did they?

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