Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue

Okay, so everybody's heard the possible spoiler about Batman 3's prologue. Well, that person is right. So what happens is Batman is fleeing from the police, injured, and is also being traced by the SWAT who have detained the Joker, but Bats escapes. Or does he? Near his escape exit he crash into two trucks, even more injured and is approached by Bane and his henchmen. Bane challenges the overinjured Batboy and breaks his back.

Why is this (or most of it) probably right?

Watch the teaser trailer again:

Pause it at 1:28 and tell me, as the lumbering Bane approaches Batboy, who is that man with a gun in the corner? Then pause it again at 1:04, whats Bruce doing? Rehabiliting.

Now this is my guess to the story, the above happens and Bruce cant take it as being Batman anymore. He knows Bane is out there and Bane is controlling Gotham City in a bit of a Cold War and he controls it because he controls the city officials and he bribes police through threats out of the way and they cant do anything, why you may ask, because all lawyers, all bad cops, all judges and attorney's are part of the League of Shadows.

After Ra's al Ghul chose Batman to succeed him, Bane was pushed back, and when Batman, lets say, "administered" Ra's death in the train, Bane became the boss and decides to take vengeance and make sure he stays the boss by breaking Batman, not necessarily kill him. He destroys the Batman not just physically, but also mentally by showing him how Gotham falls apart without the Batman.

Now Josie Gordie Levitt decides to fight back in a sort of Cold War and attacks Bane, beginning to cripple the Perfect Organization. Bruce in the meanwhile begins to rehabilitate and administers all control over Gotham to Miranda Tate who could be Talia or the less known Nyssa al Ghul. Bruce hears of John Blake (Levitt) and reveals his identity to him, he trains Levitt to replace him.

Bruce, later, fully rehabilitated goes after Bane and to this point I'm out of ideas.

What I'm guessing is something involving Jean Paul-Valley Batman happens, but this would make an already puzzling film too long. Though I'm sure that John Blake is chosen to replace Batman.

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