Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Review

I want to watch Fant4stic, I had high hopes for it and expected that it would probably be good. Yet it seems like every MCU fanboy's dream of the movie bombing spectacularly everywhere but the box office, where I still expect it will do well, has come true. I wanted the film to do good just so those guys would be disappointed. Yet I still want to watch it. After the first batch of reviews, which sucked, came out I began to feel fearful for other movies. Of course, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation quickly restored my faith in cinema, but more on that later. Every supposed report from an insider that the film was in trouble seems to have been true to a degree. Yet the worst part, the reviews indicate great acting and amazing first act as well. Apparently, though, the short runtime makes it so that the second act is so mangled that the third act cannot breathe and ruins what we thought of the first act. Yeah, but I still want to see it. Yet it scared me about backstage reports. Remember when people were saying that Tobey Maguire might win an Oscar for Pawn Sacrifice, I was excited. Except a new backstage report from an insider is saying that apparently he was too method in his acting and that the rough cut was horrible. It cites Star Magazine for this but doesn't include the link. Also, remember, this film was finished for a while, it's just that the price they were selling it to distributors was too high or something. It has several good reviews already out and only one negative. Could mean something, could be nothing. Hopefully it is nothing, because that movie seems fantastic, but we all know what that means. Oh, and it says Maguire was an asshole on set, but I thought we all knew that.

Now, on to the review. It has been a long time since I saw a film in the Mission: Impossible series. I remember a little bit of the third one, the beginning, you know, where that chick dies, her funeral and Ethan Hunt dumping ice or something. The rest is a blur. I remember a diner scene in the first one. I don't remember the second one and for some reason, all I remember of the last one is the prison escape scene in the beginning. I remember them all being fairly good, though and reading that Tom Cruise nearly killed himself filming this. So I was expecting this to be good as well.

Yeah, it was good. We get great acting from Tom Cruise, but do we really expect any less? We get great acting from everyone but the villain. Sean Harris has a horrible whiney weasley voice in this that just throws his character off. It would be best if he spoke much less than he did, because he does have a presence, which he eradicates every time he talks. Now, director Chirstopher McQuarrie has not directed much, but check out his films he has worked with Tom Cruise a lot. This film, Jack Reacher, Valkyrie and the Edge of Tomorrow. So understandably we know that the direction is going to be great because of the clear chemistry between the director and the lead actor. Here is the thing, though. This movie is great because it hits every beat we expect it to hit. The good guy is disavowed, but his former employers cannot catch him. His former friend calls in another friend to help him and they have an "if you're lying" moment. Heroine offers to run away with the hero. Good guy's friend seemingly leaves him and betrays him to try and help him only for it to be a ruse. There are a lot of cliches in this film, but they all work. Why? We expect them to happen, which is why they usually don't happen, or the producers try to circumvent them with some stupid plan. No, having this cliches happen actually ties into the film's theme and that is great. This movie is great, watch it.

8/10 - watch this film over Fant4astic, but I still want to watch that movie even though I have now seen what it should have been.

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