Friday, December 5, 2014

Shut Up Alex Leadbeater - It's Been Enough

Alex Leadbeater is an editor on WhatCulture. Given that Knight says I have the most pull on this blog, it seems reasonable that I do this before anybody else does. Shut up man! Nobody cares! Okay, that out of the way, let me give some insight. WhatCulture is a website that many sites want to be, it has a plethora of articles all detailing different topics. Alex Leadbeater is a member of WhatCulture's editorial team. He is very good at what he does (almost as good as me). How? Look at all of the articles, he's published, most of them are quite amazing. Then it gets to Man of Steel, he's like the opposite of Knight, who spends most of his posts gushing about the film. Deadbeater, if you can't say something good, right something bad once and don't have the need to do it again. It's like OCD for this guy, I mean write the articles that people want you to write, y'know, the articles of yours that are enjoyable, fun and everything that people want of you.

His most recent article, Suicide Squad: 10 Reasons It Will Save the DC Cinematic Universe, is a Man of Steel bash in disguise. I mean, seriously, read it, it's entirely him saying why Suicide Squad will be better than Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He's freaking comparing two movies that haven't even come out yet, one that hasn't even finished it's script. Go further down his list and you get 10 Signs Warner Bros Have No Clue About Batman v. Superman. Now Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is not going to be like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 where all of the cinematic decisions were made halfway through the film. All of that was finalized in the first draft of the film, the worst it could honestly end up being is Iron Man 2 (which sucks. It's not a bad movie, it's just a pointless movie. It's actually a fairly enjoyable flick that suffers from reasons I'll promise to detail in an article later). The movie has not finished filming yet, all you know is from what interviews and casting decisions have told you and you are judging it off of leaked set photos? Call it overcrowded sure, but by that same standard, Captain America: Civil War, is also overcrowded and there you are sucking that film's dick. 14 Most Divisive Films Since 2000 once again contains Man of Steel.
Yo dawg, shut the fuck up!

Funnily enough, Man of Steel isn't even mentioned in his 10 Movies That People Hate Because Their Popular article even though that definition truly does apply to that film. Don't get me wrong, Leadbeater has written articles about Man of Steel that relate to easter eggs and such that are completely unbiased and such... but it's when he decides to write his opinions that it gets too much. I want to go on WhatCulture to read a diverse array of articles, not see Leadbeater's beaten horse opinion on the front page over and over and over again all relating to some seething hate he has for one film, get over it! He's made 9 Reasons Why Batman Begins is Better than Man of Steel (and 1 why it isn't) and 10 Bad Movies (Other than Man of Steel) That Should Put Batman in Their Sequel. I'm sure there are more, but I'm too tired to point it out right now. Shut the fuck up Leadbeater.
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  1. The entire website sucks. Everybody there are mentally handicapped preschool children who think there better than everybody else not to mention the countless array of DC bash articles.

  2. I like the website but as someone who actually like Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, I disagree with Leadbeater often (but he is 100% entitled to his opinion).Take for instance his article Russell Crowe: 5 Awesome Performances (And 5 That Sucked). The first "bad" performance is Jor-El in Man Of Steel. I agree with you Cutlock, Leadbeater does seem to write articles just to bash Man Of Steel. But honestly in my opinion, the fact that there are multiple people working at Whatculture means that they will have different opinions which makes it more interesting and means you can pick your favourite writer and read their articles.