Thursday, November 27, 2014

About kittens

Did anybody else see the new Jurassic World trailer? I mean Holy Shit that was awesome! The very premise behind the first movie, what if you try and bring back something that had a chance, lives in this movie's DNA. Same with the second film's central idea, what if they didn't learn their lesson. The third film was going to have an idea like that too, what if the dinosaurs made their way off the island. That would have related too closely to Life Finds a Way and they said fuck it... but holy shit, Colin Trevorrow, whatever apprehensions I had with you are gone.
It sure does...

I mean, it resonates so well with Life Finds a Way because, what if this D-Rex wasn't mean to live? It's not life, it's a hybrid, made from the DNA of several for entertainment and profit. inGen really didn't give a warning label to the people who bought Isla Nublar. What I'm calling, this movie will have some twists.
It'll be sad when they remake Jurassic Park...

The tamed velociraptors will start to regress. The D-Rex escapes and starts some havoc, but nothing serious. They don't listen to Pratt when he tells them to evacuate because the D-Rex isn't programmed to eat humans. Yeah, well life wants to find a way and it can't decide which DNA to listen to. It frees the motherfucking Tyrannosaurus Rex. Eventually they re-establish communication with Costa Rica, but they need to diver the attention of the Tyrannosaurus and Pratt sacrifices himself. Literally, I will give Trevorrow props if Pratt dies.
It's awesome how many women are jealous of her.


(Also, more Destiny videos were uploaded today:


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