Saturday, May 3, 2014

In the Defense of Supernatural: Bloodlines

Supernatural's Season 9 Episode 20 has gotten quite a lot of flak. The reason, it was  back-door pilot for the spin-off Supernatural: Bloodlines. Now, I agree with some of this, but a lot of it is coming from the fan base who do not understand the intent of the spin off. Let's address these points.

Not Enough Sam or Dean: Why should there be? Because it is an episode of Supernatural. This is the one I actually agree with, there should have been more Sam and Dean. I have nothing bad to say about this one because even though it was the back-door pilot, it was still an episode of Supernatural. There should have been more Sam and Dean.

Too Much Romance: They have been saying things like: "Typical CW" "I didn't want to watch Vampire Diaries" Blah, blah, blah. What people did not see was the romance was between the secondary characters, not the main character Ennis. His girlfriend was killed off and so there is going to be no romance for him, but just because it's a plotline for a secondary character shouldn't ruin the whole show for you. Also, if there was more Supernatural and less Bloodlines, there would a Supernatural clone on the same network causing in-network competition. A bit redundant, no?

Treatment of Female Characters: A female character was fridged to start with, my life is ruined! It's not like Supernatural hasn't done this almost every episode. But it's okay, it's Supernatural. However, I can't help but feel she was fridged to avoid the complaints that nonetheless happened above. As for the female werewolf being degraded, that is a plotline and I do believe that she will have a story in the show that displays how as a woman, she is important. Did everybody forget the female mob boss?

Ennis Killed a Human: Dean killed Magnus, sure he was a bit psychotic, but still human, right? Remember all the way back in season 1 when hillbillies kidnapped Sam? I do, remember when the cop offed the hillbilly grandpa. I do. Sure she wasn't a hunter, but she was a cop, as is Ennis. Remember, Ennis isn't officially a hunter instead.

We don't Know These Characters, why should we Care?: Honestly, I find validity in this point as well. We do NOT know these characters, why should we care about them. We don't even know the concept, I mean monster mafia was a tried and true concept that failed in 199-something for some show called Kindred. Nobody is familiar with the concept. I've seen suggestions for a Ghostfacers spin-off (which people are unaware happened), Charlie and Oz (which in light of recent TV programming would work as a miniseries), Jew and Golem (which would be dreadful) Krissy and the Club (Buffy anyone?), Garth and the wolves (DJ Qualls cannot lead a show), Men of Letters (mystical Mad Men? Sounds AWESOME!) and Colt (which would be the best spin-off, but I don't think CW budget could pull it off). The answer is, why did you care about Sam and Dean when you saw the first episode of Supernatural. You didn't, you cared about them by the end of the first season. I believe that is what they are trying to pull off here, give something that is unique to spin-offs, a set of characters that is, relatively, unknown to the original cast and that way, you make a show that stands on it's own ground.

Also, I want to talk about the next episode of Supernatural, King of the Damned. It looks very good, but there is the character of Gadreel I want to talk about. I've seen the promo pics and I've seen the promo video. He has a confrontation with Cas, who is accompanied by Benjamin. Now I really like the character of Gadreel, I think he has a lot of potential and as a villain, is much more interesting than Metatron and on the same scale as the Demon. There are two angels in that scene wearing black leather jackets, a woman and Gadreel. In the promo vid, Cas stabs somebody who looks very much like Gadreel based on the hair. Killing Gadreel by the hand of Cas, just no, please. Here are my theories:

* Cas kills Gadreel:
1) Tahmoh Penniket might have a lot of work and can't finish the season by it's original plans.
2) It might be to build up the Cas-Metatron fiction with him once again ruining the story.

* Gadreel lives:
1) He secretly joins Cas and fakes his death.
2) It's a ruse and Metatron has Gadreel fake his death and given Metatron's recent manipulations through the angel tablet, I wouldn't count this out.

I hope he lives, but he could just as well die, given his description doesn't appear in any other upcoming episode info.

Again, this was a rare post, I'll try to have some more if anything comes to my mind, but the chances are no.

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