Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The DC Comics Hierarchy

At the top we have the King, Superman. Without him there would be none and with him there is all. He is the most powerful being in existence and the most important. Superman is the reason why superheroes and comics exist, he is synonymous with DC Comics. The Crown Prince is set to reclaim his throne when the Man of Steel comes out, let's hope he does.

Then there is Batman, the face of the franchise, second to only Superman. Arguably the most popular character due to his anti-hero tactics but pureness at heart, many rules and the evolution that his character has head over the 70 years he has been in existence.

Then come Batman's lieutenants, as in everyone else except the World's Finest on the Justice League. These are what make up the franchise, they bring in variety and substance to the franchise, let's just say it like this: Superman is the franchise, Batman represents that franchise, these guys make up the franchise.

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