Sunday, April 14, 2013

Movie Reviews

Very obscure return post, but since I have nothing to talk about I'll just review some films I recently saw on a grade of 10:

Zorro: Antonio Banderas' best film. Really it shows a renowned hero, Diego de la Vega, and displays what happens when that hero is disadvantaged. The introduction of Banderas' character, Murrieta, as the new Zorro is a pivotal moment in fictional character mythology. However, it did not leave it's mark. Since the film was so successful and successfully killed off the Zorro who we know and introduced Alejandro to us as a legendary character it would be hard to fathom the consequences if people paid more attention. You see, if people paid more attention, maybe eventually in the MCU Tony Stark could die, we get a new Iron Man and we all live on. The animosity between Captain Love and Murrieta is really what is the real antagonism in the film, with their encounters being foreshadowed by the goals of Diego. It is the wonderful acting from most of the cast that gets this film a 9/10.

Legend of the Guardians: Did a good story, inconsistent animation and the inability to go over the production costs ever harm a film? Yes it did. But not in this case. This film shows that not all animation studios are in it for the money, it shows the heart of the creators when making it that they really did not care how successful the film was if at least one child enjoyed it. The animation is wonderful most of the times but seems a bit bland at other times, but it does nothing to harm the film. So this gets a 7/10.

Wreck-It-Ralph: I did not have any hopes for this film before watching it. After the release of Toy Story 3 I figured that it was all about the money for Pixar, that they just did not care anymore since they started producing sequels like Monster's University, Finding Dorothy just because they could capitalize off of them. This film proved me wrong, that the studio does care. The Shut up and Drive part kind of peeved me simply because of how well executed the film was, I wished that Disney could wow the world again with some original music, but for the context of the film it was just fine. The animation in this film really was not all that brilliant, however, and seemed lazy at a lot of times, shining only in the Hero's Duty part of the game. So this gets a 7/10.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation: Yes I was one of those people hoping that Channing Tatum's Duke survived the events of the film. However, his death was obscure enough to ensure that if his character Comarad Hauser want's to come back, he can. The acting and the well executed story was just good, not wonderful, not a letdown it was just good. Jon M Bieber did a good job at killing all of the Rise of Cobra storylines, but one thing bothered me. If he was just going to kill every Joe from Rise of Cobra, why not bring back Marlon Wayans just to kill him? I mean, Wayans was contracted for a sequel and had a willingness to come back. Dwayne Johnson's acting is phenomenal and really hold's the film together, as it is shown that he cared for Duke as a brother and really had a personal reason to hunt down Cobra. D.J Cotrona and Eulodie Young (I think?) are not given enough screen time to be cared about, really. Bruce Willis I suppose portrays an All-American Hero, but me being a Canadian really would not know. The relation between Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes is well executed as well, keeping one thread from the previous movie alive because it was one of the few threads done very well. Rexford "Rex" Lewis is Cobra Commander and he is one badass bitch with zero screen time, good night Washington D.C. I'm going to flee on a chopper... again! There was no point of Lady Jaye, though, I'll just say that. One question, did Arnold Vosloo really get about 08 seconds of screen time? He must have been on the set for half an hour. So this get's a 6/10.

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