Monday, January 7, 2013

First Post of 2013

What is the Era? It's simple. This blog is moving beyond having multiple directions, to one simple direction: THERE IS NO DIRECTION. Confusing? Slightly. Well the simple fact is, that from now on, I'm posting whatever the hell I want to post. It's not going to be racist, and god forbid sexist or support rape, because that stuff isn't funny. But it is going to be my opinion. Sure I've dropped a few f-bombs in the past, but I have always tried to restrain myself and I'm going to continue doing so, but the truth is, it may be less and less.

Basically, we are going from news, to video games to news/comics/games/sports and a helluva a lot more, well, once Mr. Youtube and Muhammad get working, it's going to be a ride? Who is Muhammad, we'll see... oh and next post: Dead Man Down.

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