Saturday, January 21, 2012

Man of Steel Plot

Here you go and not in French:

It starts off much like Superman: Earth One with Clark Kent in Metropolis looking for a job, discarding his chance at the Daily Planet due to the fall of the paper industry. Then much like his appearance in Superman: The Animated Series, he first appears rescuing a woman from a falling tower. However, as he moves so fast nobody is able to record a photo of him. It then shifts back to Krypton about twenty years prior and shows a scene similar to that in the first Superman with Zod being summoned and questioned, I don't know why in this one, he might be the one that destroyed Krypton, he might have failed to stop the alien that did, I don't know.

Clark awakens in his room to find the rent lady asking for the rent, he gives it, to her surprise, before heading off to try and become a major league football player. However, because of his skill and power he feels alienated amongst the people of Earth. Then switching back to Krypton, Jor-El sends Clark to Earth, bada bada bada, the Kents adopt him. bada bada bada, and back at modern day, Clark stops a crashing plane and slows down for the first time and people see him in the new Superman costume. The Daily Planet dons him Superman and the military are curious as to what to do with him.

The military decides to try and capture him, like in the new volume of Action Comic Superman is going to have more vulnerabilities, its not just Kryptonite anymore, now its Krypton from the Periodic Table of Elements, as if memory serves right Krypton could only hurt him if from the Planet Krypton. I don't know how Zod is freed but he begins to wreak havoc amongst Metropolis.

Because his powers are the same as Superman's, the military decides they are co-conspirators and decide to try to use Krypton, again I don't know how they know, to try and capture Superman. It works and they subdue him, it then flashes back to showing Superman's heritage with the Kents. Eventually Superman escapes and confronts Zod. They enter a bloody battle very much reminiscent of 300 bore Zod flees to Kansas and murders Jonathan Kent.

This pushes Clark to the endzone and he nearly kills Zod, but does not. I don't know what happens to Zod, but Clark decides not to become an athlete and takes a more mild mannered job in order to conceal his identity, so that nobody figures out that Kent is Superman.

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