Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises Prologue Description

Here's What Happens:

Dr. Leonid Pavel is picked up by the CIA who take him abroad a plane and with him some men they captured. They ask some men about Bane, none answer but one, who talks about Bane's mask. It turns out that the man is Bane, much to Pavel's chagrin. When asked who he truly is, Bane dodges the question and states that if his mask is removed, he would die painfully and the only reason he let himself get caught is to find out if Pavel told them about his organization, which Pavel yells at, stating he did not. Bane inadvertently lets the CIA, well those officials in the plane, known of his organization by appearing and obviously they would want to question him. The CIA then ask him what the next step in his plan is, he answers that he will crash the plane, which he does and Bane escapes safe and sound.


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