Friday, September 30, 2011

Creeping A Missile

The Most Bloody Uprising in History: 2011 Syrian Uprising
The Most Dangerous War of 2011: 2011 Libyan Civil War
The Most Dangerous Situation of 2011 (aka: More Dangerous than the Last Two): the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and Post-Mubarak Transition

Today Anwar al-Awlaki died. A fact that al-Qaeda is breaking down. Anwar was a United States citizen born in New Mexico, he helped plan the 911 bombings. He has killed a lot of people. A lot of the people he killed were not killed by him, but by people trying to kill him. He was the most dangerous man on the Earth. Anwar al-Awlaki was considered one of al-Qaeda’s top recruiters and had been highly sought after by both American and Yemeni officials for years. Al-Awlaki was also internet-savvy, using his fluent English and Web presence to draw recruits. Experts say this is a future model for terror recruitment. Despite his pedigree as a internet-savvy spiritual leader, al-Awlaki was also a U.S. citizen, meaning some see civil rights issues in this situation

Anwar was worse than Osama Bin Laden, the man that officially planned 911. Anwar was the worst man alive in the 21st Century, no mistake about that.

But you cant always get it right two times can you?

Today, America tried to kill another Al-Qaeda member, or was it Taliban? or something completely different? Nevertheless that bomb did not hit their target, but it hit Pakistani citizens. The people in India are parding. The people in Paksitan are protesting. Those protests want America out, America destroyed Iraq and allowed the Taliban in because they thought Saddam was making nukes, it was a war of no reason. They attacked Paksitan due to its close proximity with Afghanistan and the fact that some Taliban hid there. They attacked Pakistan because it was at a Civil War started by the Soviet Union and Osama went there after bombing America.

Consider this the Arab Spring of the U.S Military Conflicts.

Due to the Tunisian Revolution, the Egyptian Protestors started what would become the most dangerous situation, 1000 people dead, 6000 critically injured. Sure the death rate is not as high as Syria or Libya, but if you go there, you will get hurt and you will get hurt bad. I bet you the death count and the injured count is being under counted. The Egyptian Revolution started protests all amongst the Arab Spring. Now it could lead Egypt to war with Israel.

Egypt's Bloody Revolution led to a short one in Yemen that I believe is ongoing. The death of Anwar is supposed to curtail this revolution Yemeni Loyalists probably hope that their leader will stay. Al-Qaeda will probably crack. The Yemeni Loyalists will fail. And America's fatal mistake on trying to get it right could start a U.S Military Revolution that starts when Pakistan demands the U.S to leave it alone. Will the U.S soldiers quickly leave Paksitan, take out all deployed soldiers in Iraq and quickly end its Afghan mission?

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