Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mesozoica New Website and Kickstarter Up

I probably should have posted about this when it actually started. However, I did not so I am doing it now. Mesozoica has a new website up, to which I will actually divide some of my time. I am in charge of that website and have posted there frequently as well. That website has a very cool design and you should be able to check it out here. The website has a forum which you can join and become a part of the Mesozoica community.

On a more serious note, which I am going to need your guys' help for, the Mesozoica Kickstarter has launched. Personally, I have had my doubts about Kickstarter primarily because the only ones I have really ever seen succeed have aimed for a relatively low amount or have been made by big companies, like InXile Entertainment for Wasteland 2 or Torment: Tides of Numenara. For Underdog Interactive to launch a Kickstarter for Mesozoica at $30,000 made me have my doubts, for $50,000 I was in awe. Most Kickstarters fail if they do not reach 30 % of their goal within the first forty eight hours. Mesozoica has completed that goal.

We are nearly at $16,000 and nearly 32 % funded. This is a big deal. If everybody who liked Mesozoica on Facebook just gave $10 then the project would be funded. It doesn't work like that. However, I'm asking you guys for help. Minimum donation is $5, and the link to back the project is right here. Just five bucks is all I'm asking of you guys, and I know there's a lot of you so.

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